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The Diary of Phantom Dennis

Dennis Pearson
2 November
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Hello, I'm Dennis Pearson, and I've lived my whole life (and unlife) here at the Pearson Arms, which is the apartment complex built by my mom, Maude Pearson. Back in 1946 my fiance Betty and I were planning to elope, and start our whole life together.

Now I knew my mom didn't like Betty at all. She'd rant about Betty day and night. It was terrible. Mom kept calling Betty a "streetwalker" and worse. (She was really a nice girl!) But when she found out we were planning to elope... well, she kind of flipped.

She, um, surprised me one night when I was asleep, tied me up, and bricked me into a wall in the living room, where I died.

Technically she then dropped dead of a heart attack before I'd quite suffocated, so she died before she finished murdering me. It's weird when you think about it... and I've had lots and lots of time to think. After all, I was walled up in there for the next fifty-three years, three months, and seven days.

Not that I was counting.

Meanwhile my mom's ghost haunted the apartment, completely insane. She harassed every girl who moved in until she moved right back out again. She even talked three of them them into killing themselves! Meanwhile I was trapped in the wall and couldn't do a thing.

Finally Cordelia Chase rented the apartment. She was not only brave and smart and gorgeous, she faced down my mom and released me from the wall! We were roomates and then we were friends. She had a really hard job fighting the forces of evil and channeling visions from higher powers, so I always did what I could to help her out.

We figured out how to communicate with each other really well (Cordelia's not shy, and she says just what she means!), but now I've found LiveJournal and connected to the Internet, so I can talk to people all over the world! Especially Dawn Summers, cause she's real neat. And it helps with work too, now that Angel Investigations is up and running again!

I am a sunnydale_socks LJ. For more information, please check this link.