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Mon, Nov. 1st, 2004, 01:12 pm

Gee whiz. That didn't go well.

Sure, Ick-lyria won the Halloween costume contest and all, but then there was some real shady badness. Well, gosh, I guess it was the typical badness. Humans messing with demonic forces, needing virgin sacrifices, setting up costume contest to suss out virgin sacrfices. You know, the usual.

Note to bar owners working on some demonic activity: Don't mess with My ancient smurf god-king.

She made people fly! It was just...well it was gosh darned swell, was what it was.

Now I think she's recharging her batteries. Something sorta like meditation, maybe? Heck, Cordy just relaxes with a nice, hot bath.

Maybe Angel will let me take Ick-lyria out more often. It's fun to fight evil with her!